What we do?

The individual stone pieces in a square foot varies from a quarter inch to twelve inches per side, which allows for increased flexibility in creating small or large room installations. Complete waterjet fields are certainly very popular, they can also be easily and attractively combined with standard mosaic layout to create more intricate patterns in artistic murals and rugs.

STONELINE has a regular line of standard mosaic fields such as squares, rectangles, and basketweaves in over 80 available stone colors. Additionally, exquisite artistic works and insertions in many various styles complete our offering. Architects and designers are sure to find the best match for their interior projects. We provide variety of other services such as Planking, Tile Sizing, Custom Bullnose/Corners and Stair Treads.

Whether fabricating a lavish backsplash or one of a kind medallion, our staff works around the clock in making clients’ dreams a reality. By assisting you throughout the design and fabrication process, we keep close contact every step of the way as you watch your design come alive.